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New Year’s horoscope is an astrological chart cast for 00:00 hours for the capital city of any country. This chart covers the complete period of 365 days and can be figurative of the year ahead. Although a calendar year is a contrived concept, people worldwide attribute special importance to the midnight of 31 December; therefore that moment has a special value for the masses and the collective unconscious.

The year 2014

New Year’s charts are different for each country, as January 1 begins over the entire period of 24 hours in different parts of the world. Nevertheless, except for the division of the houses and the position of the Moon, the placement of the planets does not change. There are also several other calendars with different New Year’s dates, for instance the Chinese which begins either in January or February, the Hindu which takes place either in March or October. Yet, in the era of TV, internet and instant mass communication the Western calendar predominates. Consequently, the horoscope of New Year 2014 can be used either as a horary chart, answering the question “What will the New Year bring?” or a mundane chart, cast for a specific place. Below is the chart for January 1, 2014, 0:00 hours, Greenwich; the so called World Horoscope by some.


The main traits of the upcoming year have been elsewhere exposed and are evident in the New Year’s chart, which is a foreword to April’s 23 astrological grand cross in the same cardinal signs.

Mars-Uranus in opposition and contra-parallel show that themes of revolution and war will be permanent throughout 2014 and Venus retrograde weakens the capacity of peace conferences and treaties to stop the escalation of violence.

The conjunction of four planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto) intensifies the impact of planetary forces on various countries, wherever this conjunction hits sensitive points of the corresponding national charts. Sweden, Brazil, India, Russia, China, Switzerland, Australia and Norway will be positively affected by this formation. Yet Jupiter retrograde opposing the conjunction introduces the element of over optimism in the political and financial initiatives in these countries.


Protests in Ukraine are making headlines, as the Asc-Dc axis of its chart (proclamation of independence on August 24, 1991, 5:31 pm) is affected by the Uranus-Pluto square. Actually, the personal horoscope of the President of Ukraine (9 July 1950, 12:15, Jenakijevo) is a replica of the New Year’s horoscope, as it has the Asc-Dc axis at 11° Libra-Aries and the MC-IC at 13° Cancer-Capricorn.
The Ukraine chart is being undermined through 2014-2015, with tr. Pluto and tr. Uranus hitting the natal Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn and the Ukrainians seem quite depressed in the year to come, with the SA progressed Saturn conjunct the Ukraine Moon. At the same time, tr. Saturn is now in the 10 house, conjoining natal Pluto and squaring successively natal Jupiter, Mercury and Venus which are posited in the 8 house. The depressive Saturn-Pluto conjunction signifies a probable use of iron fist by the government against the opposition parties, whereas the square reveals difficulties in the EU's financial support throughout 2014. Yet, Yulia Tymoshenko (27 November 1960, hour unknown, Dnipropetrovsk) with tr. Neptune squaring her Sun and then opposing her Pluto in 2014, is facing three difficult years ahead. Thus, there will be a widening gap with the EU who are concerned about the authoritarian stance of the Ukraine government, but Viktor Yanukovich will be the final victor in this new geopolitical game, where Russia wants to get Ukraine into its sphere of influence through incorporation into a Moscow-led customs union.

Saturnine influences

Restrictive Saturn in Scorpio since 2012 has put under scrutiny the taxation and social security systems of many countries. Specifically for Greece, the planet is transiting the 6 house of the national chart. This house is connected with matters relating to the health industry and those who work in it, social security services, unemployment insurance and disability allowances. According to a recent study, the years 2014-2015 will be the last in which the stability of the Greece’s social security system will be maintained.
On a global scale, Saturn in Scorpio signifies:
A. Socially: Increased mortality and suicides. Increase of epidemics and venereal diseases.
B. At the scientific level: Limitation of funds available for research, but breakthroughs attained in the fields of genetics and cytology.
C. At the economic level: Maintenance of low interest rates and continuous monitoring and mitigation efforts for national debts. In a climate of economic isolationism, government bonds will be depreciated and only the bonds of financially mighty states will survive. There will be limitation of borrowing from credit institutions and difficulty of debtors to fulfill their obligations, therefore continuous adjustments of loans and debts. Increasing returns from long term stocks and bonds and scarce turnover for insurance companies. There will be governmental efforts to control multinational enterprises worldwide and collapse of many of those that have no sound financial basis.


Transiting the 11 and opposing the 6 house of the American (Sibly) chart, Saturn has been challenging Obamacare since its inception. The planet is now entering the 12 house, which denotes terrorist activities, hostage situations and covert aggression. At the same time, Uranus is at the Mars/Pluto mid-point, in a position which also had during the Boston bombings. Furthermore, the Capricorn ingress which takes place a few days before the New Year’s Eve, on December 21, set for New York, presents the Mars-Uranus opposition on the cusps of the 1 and 7 houses with Pluto in the 10 squaring the opposition.

By and large, the New Year’s horoscope illustrated above is the image of the sky for Washington DC and the cities of the East coast. This astrological configuration presages a massive terrorist attack on the USA. Given that the effects of seasonal or ecliptic charts usually commence a few weeks before the actual celestial phenomena, the period 2013/12 – 2014/4 is very hazardous for the USA. May be the assault will take place somewhere else in the world (against an American diplomatic mission or a military base abroad) yet it is clear that American citizens and interests will be targeted and this event will mark the entire year 2014, reversing the peace process for Syria and justifying an American intervention in the Middle East.

Additionally, from 2013/12 to 2014/8 tr. Saturn will square America's Moon and from February through December 2014 tr. Pluto will oppose USA Sun, heralding tough times for the President of the USA. These configurations may suggest the use of military force by the USA (see my previous post about USA and wars) or major force against the President. In any case, the political pressure on Obama will be considerable, because Mars will be in the 10 house of America’s governance during the first half of 2014.


The horoscope of New Year 2014 is suggestive of insurgencies in many parts of the globe and the intervention of the USA in the Middle East. An aggravation of the ongoing financial crisis should be expected, with the dissolution of the euro-zone as one of its consequences. Nevertheless, some countries mentioned above seem to survive this tempestuous year fortifying their position in the international society.

Merry christmas Orion and a happy new year.
Hope for the best


You fail to mention the monthly lunar occultations of Saturn in Scorpio beginning Dec. 1, 2013 and lasting through 2014. These are rather like eclipses, and can indicate significant reversals and public rebellion against authority.


Orion, what about Italy? You have tolled the bell quite a few times from this blog, pointing out Spain's debt can provoke a financial avalanche. However, in Italy the tensions are growing deeper and deeper-the recession is not over yet and now they have a new prime minister who has not even been elected as a parliament member.Could this create a further crisis during April's Grand cross? Especially as Renzi has Sun.Moon and Saturn on cardinal signs?

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