Ukraine riots


Kiev protestersForeword

Ukraine riots drew dismayed reaction from the West on February 18, when the capital's Independence Square became the epicenter of deadly conflicts between the demonstrators and police. During the last three months, in an enterprise directed by the opposition leaders, people from all over the country were being gathered in the center of Kiev, camping out in freezing weather and demanding the government's ouster. Transfer to Kiev and the daily meal were free of charge in the tents of Eur…

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Violent crimes in the USA


crime_sceneViolent crime is showing a remarkable rise in the USA. Tough times usually boost criminality, so in our economically-troubled era the surge in crime statistics is somehow logical. Nevertheless, the policy on gun possession in America leads to extremes, for example Iowa law allows gun permits for the blind as advocates say that denying the visually handicapped the ability to carry firearms violates the Americans with Disabilities Act. Thus, every year one out of every five people is a victim of a…

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Horoscope of New Year 2014



New Year’s horoscope is an astrological chart cast for 00:00 hours for the capital city of any country. This chart covers the complete period of 365 days and can be figurative of the year ahead. Although a calendar year is a contrived concept, people worldwide attribute special importance to the midnight of 31 December; therefore that moment has a special value for the masses and the collective unconscious.

The year 2014

New Year’s charts are different for each country, as January …

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Civil war in Libya


LibyaTwo years after the overthrow of Gaddafi's rule, Libya is on the brink of a civil war. The new regime has not succeeded in reining the country's militias and now the situation seems out of control, as many insurgents are asking regional autonomy. Last month, a group in Fezzan declared itself self-ruling and a few days ago a former rebel leader declared an autonomous shadow government of eastern Libya, with an official ceremony held on November 3 in Cyrenaica. Ibrahim al-Jathran and his men are c…

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Colorado floods


Flooding in Colorado is washing away roads, bridges and homes. At least four people have been killed and hundreds are unaccounted for, whilst wary residents are keeping an eye on the sky as heavy rain is still expected and more water on a ground already soaked can dislodge debris.

The wild fires of summer have undermined soil’s stability in this picturesque mountainous state, wherefrom three rivers (Colorado, Rio Grande and Arkansas) spring and flow towards the regions where the three final …

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